BSG Brunel Health

Welcome to BSG Brunel Health, a unique resource for older persons to find contact details for pharmacies and private clinicians to help you to make the most of your advanced years.


Companies in the BSG Brunel Health resource

For instance, you will be able to find the freephone contact number for Age UK on our website, so that you can speak to a charity advisor about  a medical concern or an over 50s insurance policy.

The British Society of Gerontology focuses on research pertaining to ageing and illnesses endemic to old age, you can use their UK telephone number for enquiries regarding memberships and subscriptions to its academic general.

Our database has the contact number for Chemist Direct so that you can order your medical prescription online before having it delivered to your home address.

Conversely, the Contact the Elderly helpline number should be used for over-the-phone enquiries about volunteering, donations and fundraising on behalf of the charity.

The Department of Health is the UK governmental body that oversees healthcare and adult care policy, including free medical proscriptions for pensioners.

Friends of the Elderly is a charity that provides telephone, personal, and respite support for older people in the UK; use their registered contact number for all of your enquiries.

Call Lloyds Pharmacy on their telephone contact numbers to renew an existing prescription, for chemist product refunds and to book an appointment with their online doctors.

Phone the NHS customer contact centre on their local rate number to ask how to get a free prescription if you are over  60.

Pension Credit is a benefit available to pensioners in the United Kingdom, you can call their helpline number to make a claim over the phone.

Contact Pharmacy2u on their UK customer enquiries number to discuss the process of ordering a repeat prescription online or to ask for the free service provided to customers over the age of 60.

Our database also has the contact telephone number for Tesco’s UK customer services so that you can discuss how to order your prescription medicine from  a supermarket pharmacy.

Contact Weldricks Pharmacy on their UK general enquiries number to discuss the medical products available at the company or to make an online order to be delivered to your home address.

Call Well Pharmacy on their UK customer service telephone number  to contact a representative about how to order a free proscription if you are of pension age.

Contact White Pharmacy using their UK general enquiries number for all enquiries about how to order the correct medical prescription once you have been to your doctor.